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What Is The Public Service Commission?

The Nebraska Public Service Commission is an elected 5 member statewide board that oversees several industries which affect our everyday lives: 


-Broadband Internet & Telecom

-911 Service 

-Oil & Natural Gas Pipelines 

-Railroad Lines 

-Commercial Grain Storage Facilities

-Other Mass Transit Ground Transportation 


As Mayor, Eric has helped build his hometown’s infrastructure and get fiber internet to every home and business.  He is now leading with the goal to get all rural Nebraskans connected with high speed and reliable internet service too by serving you and bringing your voice back to the Public Service Commission.

Vote Republican Eric Kamler for Public Service Commission on November 8th, 2022. 

Robo-Call Regulation
High Speed & Reliable Broadband Internet Expansion
Reliable & Consistent 911 Service
Accessibility to the People of Nebraska
Strengthening Energy Security
Accountability of Tax Dollars
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