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2023 Spring PSC Update

Spring Greetings from my home in Geneva, Nebraska!

Last November, I was thankful to have been elected by you to serve as the new Public Service Commissioner for the
31 counties of PSC District 4.

After 30 years of the same representative, I am excited to be serving you in this new role and bringing our voice back
to the PSC.

It’s been just over 135 days since taking the oath of office to represent you and I wanted to share an update on the
work that has been getting done.

Many who are reading this likely have not heard much of the happenings and work of the PSC as it is an elected body
in Nebraska that does not typically receive a lot of media coverage.

The Nebraska Public Service Commission is an elected 5 member statewide board that oversees several industries
which affect our everyday lives including, broadband internet and telecommunications, the 911 network and service,
oil and natural gas pipeline routes and industry regulation, railroad lines, commercial grain storage licensing,
commercial ground transportation licensing and regulation, and modular/manufactured housing safety regulation.
These first months have been fast and full with productive work.

I’m incredibly thankful for the PSC staff and fellow commissioners for a great onboarding experience to get me up to
speed on the work and issues the PSC oversees.

In these first few months, the rest of the Commissioners and I approved the application process and distribution for
over $130 million for two rural broadband expansion and support programs, launched a joint initiative with Governor
Pillen and the Nebraska Library Commission to improve and expand fiber internet service to libraries across Nebraska,
began the transition process of the BEAD federal broadband grant program from the PSC to the Governors newly
created Broadband Office, reviewed and voted to take positions and deliver testimony on nearly 40 legislative bills
that affect the PSC’s many regulated industries, reviewed and updated several out of date rules and regulations for
the natural gas industry, held a hearing for out of compliance transportation carriers, listened in on and took
recommendations from both the Next Generation 911 System Advisory Committee and TRS Advisory Committee
which oversees the state program for deaf and hard of hearing telephone users, and welcomed our newest, 5th and
final Commissioner to the PSC with the Governor Pillen appointment of Christian Mirch who now represents District 2
of Omaha.

I pledge to continue working hard for all the people of the 4th District who elected me to represent them. I also plan
to continue keeping you informed by sending out these quarterly updates to local newspaper and media outlets
throughout PSC District 4.

If you have any questions or have a PSC issue that I or our staff can assist with, please reach out to our office at 402-
471-3101 or by email at

I am truly thankful for this opportunity and honor the voters have entrusted me with and I am excited for this time of
serving you on the Nebraska Public Service Commission!

- Eric Kamler

  Nebraska Public Service Commissioner, District #4

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